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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Atis: A potent healer of fever and colds

Atis- Anona Squamosa

English name- Sweet Sop, Sugar Apple
Local name- Atis

A small to medium sized fruit tree with light green, oval leaves used as a medicinal herb in most parts of the country. Atis is primarily a native plant of the Americas (Spanning from Central- South Americas) and was introduced in the Philippines during the spanish colonial times.

Described as having a milky, sweet and succulent flesh with black poisonous seeds, excluding only those; all parts of this tree have medicinal value.

Brewed leaves in boiling water is a good medicine for colds and fever. Drinking this concoction can also treat dysentery while pouring the hot concoction to one's bath will help ease out rheumatic pain. Inhaling its crushed leaves will help ease out drowsiness, while its bark brewed in boiling water will eliminate diarrhea.

An unripened Atis fruit is a good relief for insect bites.