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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mangagaw: The cheap cure for Dengue

Mangagaw- Euphorbia Hirta 

English Name: Euphorbia plant, Asthma weed

Local Name: Mangagaw, Tawa-tawa, Taua taua

Largely known for centuries in the country as the poor man’s cure for the dreaded Dengue disease, Mangagaw in bisaya or Tawa-tawa in tagalog  (Sci name: Euphorbia Hirta) comes into view whenever the onset of the rainy season is felt in the countryside. (Usually in the months of June to December) where Dengue outbreaks also frequently occur.  

The Mangagaw plant/ weed is commonly found growing among mountainsides and backyards across the Philippines and possesses anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties along with the unique ability to increase blood platelets among Dengue patients.

Using Mangagaw/ Tawa-tawa as medicine

1.    Harvest a handful of these plants (mature ones are much preferred) 
2.    Boil them until the water turns to brown or dark green.
3.    Pour the mixture in a glass or mug 
4.    Let the patient drink the concoction

If the patient dislikes the usually pungent and tangy taste of the brew, you can opt to add it in a glass of juice until all the contents have been consumed. 
Should you happened to be in a community where this plant is scarce, one can also avail of ready to drink juices and herbal products containing this wonderful herb in major grocery and drug stores nationwide.


Joey Ray said...

Dengue fever is a disease caused by four related viruses spread by a particular species of mosquito. Mild dengue fever causes high fever, rash, and muscle and joint pain. There are many herbal remedies available which can be used as cure for Dengue such as Papaya leaves, onion soaked in Vinegar, coriander etc.

Jovir James Amatong said...

thanks for the added info joey, there surely are a lot ways one can fight this dreaded disease and the best part is that people can find the best cures right in their backyards. cheers and more power

Chitz said...

my daughter had dengue last Oct. i was a skeptic to use and try the mangagaw juice. but when her platelet dropped to 24, i did. i found some growing in my cousin's backyard and made the juice. we mixed it with apple juice and after two days, her platelet went up to 209. thanks!!

Lsg Industrial said...

This is a big help! Wondering if there are herbs like this growing or being sold in Pampanga?
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mae dela torre said...

Can I drink mangagaw juice,I have fever 4 days straight pero sa hapon LNG ako nilalagnat ?